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I am a fiction writer trying to learn how to write memoir, in small manageable bites. My dog, Cricket, is small and she bites, so I thought she could help.

Cricket is a fourteen pound Cockapoo (cocker spaniel/poodle mix), born on July 13th 2007. She has a strong grasp of the english language, when she wants to. But, most important, she is my social bridge. In the real world, she drags me outside to meet my neighbors, and random strangers with dogs who smell interesting. I’m hoping she can act as my social bridge online, as well, despite the lack of obvious smell.

update: We added Butterfly to the family on November 20th 2012. She was rescued from a puppy mill at eight years old and has added years to the life of this blog.

Butterfly before her bath

Butterfly before her bath

I am available for critiquing/writing coach work.

You can reach me at:

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  1. חַג כָּשֵׁר וְשָׂמֵחַ
    Rachel! Thanks for visiting my blog tonight, it made me feel very warm inside to “meet” you on that occasion… and now to be the comment #1,000 on this page, makes me feel even more special! ❤

  2. Hi Rachel, thanks for visiting our blog

  3. Hi Rachel, thank you for visiting and liking my blog. I really appreciate that.


  4. Thank you for visiting my blog, and for liking my post. I look forward to reading more from you!

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  6. Hi Rachel. I’ve nominated The Cricket Pages for The One Lovely Blog Award. Of course participation is optional but if you are interested you can get more information here on my recent post:
    – Take care,
    Mike and Kali

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate it 🙂

  8. Thank you for liking my post Mafaldina Pasta in Basils and Pistachio Sauce. I’m also a fur mom, my Greta is my biggest fan and my worst critics. 😉 Have a good week ahead.

  9. Hi! Rachel, thanks a ton for visiting and liking my blog at Your dog is too cute :* .

    Love from India 🙂


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