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The CBD Adventure, Continued


Miss Cricket is feeling good. She’s been on the CBD oil for a few weeks now, two drops each morning on her chicken treat, and she is noticeably happier and more energetic. She’s playing with her toys more, and running and jumping more easily. Her body seems looser, and less tense. She’s still the biggest barker on the block, though, so it hasn’t changed her level of outrage with the world, but she’s cool with that.


“I am Cricket! I love to bark!”

On the other hand, after the first experiments with the CBD dog treats, I haven’t noticed much improvement in myself from taking daily doses of CBD oil. It’s possible that I’d be in more pain without it, but I’m not sure. And the taste of the oil is really starting to bother me.

I started the CBD experiment after it became clear that I was failing out of physical therapy. I’d spent four months going to sessions twice a week for my neck and shoulder, and religiously doing my home exercises every day, but sometime in December it became clear that I was losing energy instead of gaining strength. We tried lowering the intensity and duration of my workouts, but the physical therapist noticed that I was struggling to keep my head up after the first five or ten minutes of exercises, and then my walking was bad by the end of each session, and she finally told me to take a break, preferably a long break, until my doctor could get a handle on what the heck was going on with me.


And then the CBD idea came up, and I hoped that CBD oil might be the missing link allowing me to tolerate more exercise and build more stability and strength, but it hasn’t worked, at least not yet. I still do an abbreviated version of my exercise routine, depending on how the pain is going each day, but it exhausts me every time.


“Ten naps a day, Mommy. That’s the answer.”

I’m still taking a dose of CBD oil, morning and evening, because I spent a lot of money on it, but I’m losing faith that it will eventually kick in. I have to go back to my primary care doctor and see what she thinks I should do next, whether it’s further evaluation, or a prescription for medical marijuana, or something else, or nothing. But there has to be some way for me to function like a semi-normal human being.


“What’s normal?”

What I really want is to find out that brownies and Godiva chocolates are the answer to all of my ills, and if I eat enough of them I will have plenty of energy and never gain weight. That really should be true.

Cricket is convinced that the chocolate-is-bad-for-dogs thing is a horrible lie cooked up by the same chocolate-hoarding-humans who tell me that I need to limit my intake of chocolate per day for my own well-being. She thinks that we should be on the same side of this fight, and make chicken/chocolate/cheese sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I tend to disagree, but I could be wrong.


“You’re wrong. Very wrong.”

If you haven’t had a chance yet, please check out my Amazon page and consider ordering the Kindle or Paperback version (or both!) of Yeshiva Girl. And if you feel called to write a review of the book, on Amazon or elsewhere, I’d be honored.

Yeshiva Girl is about a Jewish girl on Long Island named Izzy (short for Isabel). Her father has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with one of his students, which he denies, but Izzy implicitly believes that it’s true. Izzy’s father decides to send her to an Orthodox yeshiva for tenth grade, out of the blue, as if she’s the one who needs to be fixed. Izzy, in pain, smart, funny, and looking for people she can trust, finds that religious people are much more complicated than she had expected. Some, like her father, may use religion as a place to hide, but others search for and find comfort, and community, and even enlightenment.


About rachelmankowitz

I am a fiction writer, a writing coach, and an obsessive chronicler of my dogs' lives.

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  1. I’m all in on the chocolate angle.

  2. I’ve tried the straight CBD oil for my knee pain. Didn’t do much. I like the mixture with THC. Gives me a light high. Of course, I don’t think that THC would be good for dogs. :<). Of course, marijuana is legal now in CA. But heavily taxed.

    I’ve downloaded the sample of Yeshiva Girl. I will get to it eventually. Reading Eric Idle’s new book. just finished Michele Obama’s new book.

  3. i use gum spirits of turpentine mixed with castrol oil. that alone helps my old joints and muscle aches. at my age i guess they are normal but still a discomfort. on the turpentine I buy it from a place called diamond forest products. you can’t use the stuff in hardware stores. it isn’t the same stuff. but boy does it help me. my old knees appreciate it. i mix it 3 parts oil to 1 part turpentine. Don’t know much about cbd oil it is relatively new or newly ”allowed”.

  4. thecraftingsenior

    Tylenol and chocolate for me. I think they should make chocolate Tylenol!

  5. You have been so conscientious about finding solutions and trying what is recommended. For that alone you deserve those occasional Godiva goodies! Please tell Cricket that Jello totally agrees with her about the chocolate conspiracy!🐾

  6. i forgot to mention. i am so happy that the cbd helps your dear 4 legged friend. i love my dogs. They are just little people in fur. sorry i went off on a tangent. I enjoy your article on the cbd benefit for your dear friend.

  7. ah, chocolate. There’s something called Green Lipped Mussel powder, I used it for Max but people can use it to. It might be worth looking into for your issues. I also have chronic pain, and you’re right, it’s exhausting. Chocolate syrup on vanilla ice cream with a healthy dollop of whipped cream (Maverick runs at the sound of the can shusshing – which is probably not a word but I like it) helps as well.

  8. I’m not a doctor bu I played one on TV. Relax and enjoy yourself.

  9. Glad it is working for Cricket. It helped Sofie at first but she needed more and more as the months went on. Happy is good

  10. I love how Cricket has an opinion and stands by it no matter what. Ten naps a day…..let me tell my supervisor about that. 🙂

  11. wishing you & cricket
    success therapies
    & healthy appetites 🙂

  12. I hope you feel better soon, Rachel.

  13. Chocolate releases endorphins that make some people feel happier. Maybe the drug companies should be putting more effort into chocolate-related, non-fattening drugs?
    Or in my case, red wine flavour? 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  14. I bought it! I am so sorry about your pain, but I am so happy you wrote that book. I don’t know why, I’ve been following you on and off (depending on whether or not I had time for this wordpress thing or not) for a while now (I was billy in blunderland… and other usernames:)) and I always knew I’d want to read you. I look forward to reading it, let me know if you want a review anywhere in particular.

  15. I hope you are able to find a solution soon. Going through life in pain is no fun at all. Crossing my fingers chocolate is the answer.

  16. Rachel, I’m so sorry you’re not getting the results you expected from the CBD oil. Others who use it say the results can be subtle and varied but have experienced positive results. For pain relief, may I suggest topical application (a couple of drops applied topically have been a life-saver for me on a rotator injury)? All the best. Glad to hear Cricket is feeling less anxious.

  17. I’ve read that the CBD oil is more effective on an empty stomach. Like 30 or 40 minutes before eating…

  18. Rachel you probably get exhausted by people suggesting different things (I do; I’ve had ME/CFS for 35 years, I’m therefore by definition a veteran researcher of remedies for undiagnosable conditions) – I just wanted to tell you I’ve recently discovered liquid magnesium. I’ve been using it as a rub, (called Karma Rub – imagine!) and have now also bought ionic nano-particle high dose magnesium to take orally (I know, it all sounds weird) both are available on Amazon, and I’ve been taking capsules of highly concentrated turmeric with black pepper. Something – I don’t know what – is helping the pain I have (which is inflammatory). From what I’ve read about cbd I’m not sure if it’s all that targeted at inflammatory conditions? Turmeric is. And magnesium is known to help people suffering with ME/CFS and fibromyalgia (both inflammatory). I know how endlessly, depressingly frustrating all this is. (and how expensive). Keep looking – and trying – and cheering yourself up with chocolate and Miss Cricket (3 cheers for her loose-limbed improvement!)

  19. You seem to have a lot going on Rachel. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of it for you.
    If only napping ten times a day and chocolate were the answer.

  20. Maybe the reason it works better for Cricket than you isn’t the CBD but the treats.

  21. If you get medical marijuana, your wish for medicinal brownies might come true! And as Dapplegray said, I’ve also been reading a lot about tumeric. You might want to google Dr. Mercola who has great articles on such things.

  22. Does CBD Oil really work? I’m skeptical and now they are saying it’s nothing but Snake Oil. I get so many emails for a free trial of it.

  23. Chicken/chocolate/cheese sandwiches could become a thing. 🙂

  24. I think my biggest challenge with chronic pain is accepting it. I keep thinking about the imaginary life I might be living. That definitely is a bad road to go down!!

  25. Well, time to try beer. Works for me.

  26. Hope your healing more each day. It is astounding how angelic our pets are, and the healing energy that comes out thru them. Be blessed!


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